More Missionary Wisdom – Sister Peterson

Sister Peterson

Sister Peterson

[Shared with permission]

“Because I’m finally starting to recognize the Spirit – right now at least, it’s a tiny voice in the back of my head. But the times I’ve listened to it, things have worked out. For a long time, I thought that was just me. But I guess it’s not.

For example: we were trying to contact somebody – I don’t remember who anymore. But we knocked on his door, and nobody answered, and all the lights were out. When we turned to walk away, the house across the street was all lit up. There were people talking and you could hear it all the way across the street. The thought came to mind that we should go to that house. Then I thought “No, that’s crazy. We don’t know those people. They probably don’t even care.” But then as we were walking to the car, my eyes were still drawn to that house. I’m sorry to say that I still didn’t say anything to Sister Jackson. Luckily, we were meeting with another lady on that street. When we stopped again (I hadn’t realized that she lived there) I finally said something. Sister Jackson said we could definitely go visit that house after we visited this lady.

And so we did. Except I had to knock on the door. I had to talk. …It was awkward. But you know what? Even though the lady inside when she heard it was the missionaries said to send us away – that now was a bad time – the guy standing in the doorway didn’t say any of that. He just said they were about to start dinner, AND THEN HE GAVE US A GOOD TIME TO COME BACK!!! The Spirit is real, and I guess it can make up for awkward, inexperienced missionaries trying to knock doors. 🙂 It was exciting.”

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