Missionary Miracles – Sisters Oldham and Christensen

[Shared with permission]

“We had two INCREDIBLE miracles with finding families!! The first came from Sister Oldham and I contacting less active members. We pulled up to the LA house and we prayed. When we finished the prayer we looked over to the left and saw a little park where a father and his son were playing soccer. Sister Oldham leaned over to me and said, ” We should go over there and you should talk soccer to him.” I was down to do it!

So we got out and walked over to the park. As we were approaching the field you could tell that the father was getting a little uneasy by two Mormon missionaries walking over to him. He started getting their things to go, and we could see that they were about to leave, so I blurted out the question, “Whose your favorite team?” he looked at us a little puzzled and replied , “What?” I asked the question again and he looked at us and said, “The Tottenham Hotspurs…why?” I told him that I played soccer as well and was interested in who he supported. That really threw him off guard because usually when you have two Mormon missionaries approach you they’re going to ask to share a message with you and not your favorite soccer team. it was perfect!

We were able to talk soccer a bit and I found out that he played for the Seattle Storm and then he played a little bit for the Seattle Sounders!! Crazy right! His name is John and he said that we can come back and play soccer with them again! So that’s the plan, soccer and Jesus…the celestial combination!

The second miracle came from Sister Oldham and I making cookies and bringing them to less actives. We decided to go give some to the Gublers. They are a part member less active family. The husband is a member and has not been to church since he was twelve and his wife is not a member. Their kids have been blessed though which is awesome! When we stopped by and gave them the cookies they were really appreciative and let us come in and talk for a little bit. At the end of the visit they said that we could come back again!! Woohoo!! Yea for miracles!!

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