Missionary Wisdom – Sister Pierson

Sister Pierson

Sister Pierson

[Shared with Permission]

Another interesting lesson I’m learning is [there’s] so much sadness here in Phoenix. These people have extremely difficult lives. They have problems finding jobs, feeding their families, paying rent, securing transportation, not to mention problems with health, mental illness, getting proper medical attention, addictions, abuse, legal and immigration issues, illiteracy…and what makes it worse is very few people have access to the resources they need to improve their problems. They just seem to suffer, each day to the next.

It’s hard because we are sharing the Good News with them–the truth that their life does have purpose…that Heavenly Father does in fact know and love them personally–but they don’t understand it. They don’t understand that the Gospel isn’t just a quick fix, or that the Church isn’t just a big bag of money. These people are so desperate to find answers to their problems, that they look for the easiest, quickest route…and they don’t realize that by living the Gospel, they are going to secure for themselves the greatest and longest-lasting joy. It just takes work. It was really hard for me this week to see so many people with such sad challenges…but I also felt a reassurance–just a small, powerful feeling–that Heavenly Father knows…that it will be alright.

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