Sister Ruggles and Sister Havea – Standing as Witnesses

Sister Havea

Sister Havea

Sister Ruggles

Sister Ruggles

Shared with permission.

This week we had some great ups and then down moments we got to learn from.  One particular day, Sister Havea and I were feeling discouraged and wondering if we are doing enough and we wish everyone could just feel the spirit testify to them the truth already! and just find happiness in the beautiful truth that God lives and they are His children and they are capable of turning from heart ache and aim for living with Him again…..

That evening we had been planning for a new week after another tough week and we were outside at the park behind our complex and first a little kid came up and sat next to us talking about his parents pass out pamphlets at the temple telling people why they shouldn’t be Mormon.  Right after that a woman came and sat and talked to us and said God is not real. He can’t be real if all these horrendous things have happened in my life with my dad and brother dying.  We tried saying “we know you have great worth and you deserve better and you can have better”…and she just interrupted and said, No, you don’t know; you don’t have kids, you’ve never been abused. you never felt abandoned. What are you like 18?  I’ll just drink my life away.”

Sister Havea then steps in and says, “You’re right we aren’t mothers, we haven’t had your life. We have had our own struggles, not the same, but there is one thing we do know that is we know that God lives.”

Still rejection.

Missionary life….
it happens all the time but it just hit me this time and it made me think about a lot of things. Then we had a meeting with our zone that evening and Elder Bateman shared a message about rejoicing and being happy!!! being discouraged is garbage lol

That really hit us….
It reminded me to be joyful and everyone else should to!  Don’t fret, God is watching over you. I also thought about when I went out with the sisters before my mission and they just turned the cheek and bore their testimony.  So the lesson I learned later on..BE FEARLESS you got nothing to lose…and you can help plant a little seed of faith for that person so they can find hope..that is what is about.

I’m not the most wise, smart or influential person that knows everything…but I know God and Jesus Christ live and there is way more than what we think of this life. We all have purpose.

That was a proud moment seeing Sister Havea’s courage and boldness come out to.

I guess that is what people from the Bible and the Book of Mormon have had to deal with too.  They got shot at, stoned, arrested, burned and so much more…and so I guess I stepped back and said I’m grateful…but man there is so much to fight against now a days. So watch your step while making decisions. It is time to put on our armor and be brave and share what you know to help others.

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