Departures 7.5.2015

July 2015 Departures

L to R, F to B: Elder and Sister Murri, Elder Rayas, Sisters Lee, Johnston, Lieberman, Lakin, Lopez and Baros. Back: Elders Burggraaf, Blake, Soto, Harris, Stott, Murray, Linn, Shirley, Simpson, States, Sorensen, Call, Riggs, Bumgarner , Myers, Socha, Terrazas, and Nevin.

For the first time on our mission, 100% of the missionaries in our first arriving group have now returned home.  The Sisters that arrived in July 2013 have been home for 6 months.  Now, so have the Elders.  Put another way, 100% of the missionaries now in the Arizona Scottsdale Mission have never known any other mission president and companion.

This next year, Sister Sweeney and I are determined to give all arriving Elders and Sisters a “year to remember” as we re-double our efforts to train and work with the newly arriving missionaries.

With great affection we bid farewell to the July 2015 departing Elders and Sisters – who have grown so wonderfully in their 18 mo/ 2 years of service!  These Elders and Sisters were part of the first wave of missionaries who responded to the Prophet’s call to serve when he lowered the age for missionary service. Because of the growing missionary complement size during the time they were first serving, they often trained a new missionary after their first 6 weeks!  They had to grow up fast – and they did!

It was seasonably warm for the departing Elders and Sisters – about 100 degrees when dinner started.  We delayed the group picture for about 90 minutes while the departing Mountain Elders and SIsters arrived – having been caught up in a 20 miles back up of traffic in Payson – due to people returning to the valley for the July 4th weekend.

The Murri’s and Sister Bass helped out with the Cafe Rio dinner and the fast-Sunday hungry Elders and SIsters made short work of the shredded pork and chicken!  We dearly love these special missionaries!

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