Just Serve – Before and After

The Mission has been active in Just Serve – the Church’s outreach into the community to partner with non-profits everywhere who need some volunteers to make things happen in the local community. The website Just Serve.org is open to any organization to post on and takes volunteers from anyone who’s interested – not just LDS Church members. When missionaries serve, they are required to be able to wear their name tag – and the project has to be one that they can safely do.

Elder and Sister Jerrell, our Just Serve service missionary couple, have done dynamite work on this – partnering with a multiplicity of local causes like the Mayo Clinic, Butterfly World, and City of Phoenix.

This is a recent project that was tackled and completed by the Paradise Valley Elders (and the Sisters are just as likely to be doing them as Elders) – and what a job they did! So, if your son or daughter says they participated in a Just Serve project in a letter home – give them some well-deserved “good job Elder” or “good job Sister” recognition. They’re doing service and planting seeds of good will in the communities they serve in!

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