Visit by Elder Evans and Brother Allen From Missionary Department

The Mission was privileged to have Elder David F. Evans of the First Quorum of the Seventy and Brother Stephen B. Allen, Managing Director of the Missionary Department, train the mission on the use of technology by missionaries. All of the things they shared will apply to life after their mission.

The training did not focus on the iPad, but rather on the doctrines and principles that underlie righteously using technology.

Here are selected teachings from the training:

  • The liahona and the urim and thummim were divine tools that only worked when faith and righteousness were present.  Technology is a man-made tool that can bless the work in much the same fashion as the cell phone and the automobile have blessed missionary work.  If used for proper purposes they are all great tools!  The mindless use of ANY tool (pen, auto, iPad, etc) does not further the Lord’s work.
  • The only truly effective filter for taking out the bad on the internet is the righteous desires and mind of the missionary.
  • Internet use should be righteous, appropriate and measured.
  • The Savior did not pray to take us out of the world, but to keep us from the evil in the world (See John 17:15)
  • Develop the capacity to “act” on the internet, and not be acted upon.  (See 2N 2)
  • Before getting on any device that connects to the internet, ask the question “What is my purpose?”   If you are vulnerable due to boredom, anger or sadness, don’t get on.
  • We seek not to quarantine, but to prepare all for the righteous use of technology by immunizing everyone with doctrine and engraving it on their hearts – developing sin-resistant souls.
  • We can go to the grocery store and walk down the beer and cigarettes aisle and “give no heed” because of our preparation.  In similar fashion, we seek to become so converted that we can walk down the internet shopping aisle and give no heed (D&C 20:22) to the unrighteous material there.
  • The atonement brings relief from sin and gives us strength.  The enabling and strengthening power of the atonement.

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