Missionary Wisdom – Sister Taylor

Sister Taylor

Sister Taylor

Yesterday I had an epiphany… I was thinking about how much my parents sacrificed to join the church and give me the blessings of the gospel, I thought about how much it means and then we knocked on David’s, a golden potential, door and his teenage son answered the door.  He looked about as big as elder Blankenship! And I just saw him in a tie and name tag.. and that’s when it hit me, we aren’t just baptizing families, we are baptizing future missionaries. People to carry on his work and hasten it in the latter days just as our parents (Sis Lee and I) did for us.

We both come from convert stock and its incredible to think of the possibilities of that one single action! Because one person invited a 6’4″ marine officer who attended Dartmouth College and had strongly Atheist parents to church, thousands have been impacted on both sides of the veil.  My dad went on to have 7 kids. I’m the first missionary out of that, but we have shared the gospel with so many before this.  My mom is a convert, and we have both lines of undone temple work.  That’;s THOUSANDS of baptisms!  then I’m out here helping others do the same and their families down the line-and up it!! And then their posterity going on missions and its a chain reaction that keeps going!!!! We are baptizing missionaries, the members may not have realized it when they baptized my father but they did, and I am sooo grateful they did!! I am so grateful for how my mission has changed me!! And now I’m giving that blessing to others in appreciation for what Bro Merrill did for my Dad. It takes my breath away.

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