Missionary Miracles – 2 Weeks of Finding with Sister Arnold, Sister Christensen and Sister Thomas

[Shared with Permission]

Lyn from Vietnam – 
Week 1 – We were teaching Lyn the Plan of Salvation and her dad would translate for us and the Spirit was there, and you have to trust that he is saying the right thing! Her Dad went through the kingdoms of glory and he pointed to each one and when he pointed to the Celestial, Lyn put her two thumbs up, the terrestrial, she put her thumbs to the side, and then the telestial her thumbs when down! She was so cute, she wants to be in the Celestial Kingdom with her family! So great! Lyn is good to go for [baptism] Friday, May 1st and we are so excited for her! They are going to be an eternal family! Each time we teach them the Spirit is there although we cannot understand what they are saying!

Week 2 You know Hugh and Ween, well now we have their daughter Lyn on baptism date for May 1st and she is 10, she is super adorable! Maybe I’ll learn some Vietnamese when I’m done haha!   Note:  Lyn was baptized Friday, May 1!

Week 1 – Sister Christensen and I were trying to visit a less active in the San Carlos apartments but she didn’t answer so we started to walk back to our car and Sister Christensen said, “We should go visit the Waddups!” They are a cute family in the Larkspur Ward! I said “Lets do it” We approached their appartment and knocked on the door! Brother Waddups opened the door and we began to visit with him, then he invited us in and we visited with him and his wife! They asked us if we could come teach them the missionary lessons and of course we said “absolutely!” Then we asked them for a referral, and they began thinking and suggested some people that we could try!

Once we left their apartment we went and knocked on the apartment that the Waddups suggested to us and Megan opened the door! We introduced ourselves and she said “Well, I havent been to Church in a really long time” and we said” thats fine, would you like to learn more about what we teach! She said “sure” so we have a return appointment with her this week! And it is a family! We have been praying to find families to teach! Miracles! Then we went back to the Waddups and followed up on the referral they had just given us! They were super excited that she was accepting! Short and powerful visits=miracles! 🙂

Week 2 – Miracle 1
This week I went on Exchanges with Sister Thomas and we were street contacting in on of the apartment complexes in our area and we were walking and saw to guys sitting on the porch, so we walked up and began talking to them, and Charles said “you’re LDS” we said “yes we are!” He was super interested and he told us that one of the most spiritual experiences he had was when he went through the Snowflake Temple for the open house! He really wants to come to church and learn more, and his fiance also wants to come to church and learn more, they feel that something is missing and they want the spiritual side of things and they have 2 little kids, so adorable, and Ashley has been reading the Book of Mormon! Miracle! We have new investigators and its a family and we have been praying for families!

Miracle 2
Also on Exchanges Sister Thomas and I were walking through the Vantana apartments and we walked passed a car and Tamera called out “Wait” she was getting out of her car and she came up to us and said “where is your church around here? I am less active and haven’t been to church in 10 years and I want to start coming back to church and have my daughters coming back to church too!” We said “we can help with that!” We gave her the address for the church building and so now we have another family that we are working with! So great! Miracle! Most less actives don’t come to you and say that!

Miracle 3
Sister Christensen and I were trying to contact Holly, a less active, but she wasnt home, so we decided to knock on the door across from her, and Elsa opened the door, we shared a brief message with her about the Plan of Salvation and she invited us back! She told us that she reads the King James version of the Bible and has a strong belief in Christ! So we are going to teach her with Bible passages along with the Book of Mormon and hopeful help her recognize the importance of the Book of Mormon! She has a cute 8 year old daughter and she is widowed and so we are going to start working with her! She is super nice!

The work in this area is beginning to boom, because of the Miracles from the Lord as we diligently open our mouths and talk to everyone, he has led us to several families that are prepared to hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

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