Missionary Wisdom – Sister Casagrande

Sister Casagrande

Sister Casagrande

[Shared with permission]

I love to be a missionary!
The last week I tried to help my companion to feel comfortable here, we worked hard, we saw miracles and she told me she loves this area. It was really important for me to have a companion who feels good because it’s the best way to have success in the mission; that bring unity and strength in our teachings.

I don’t really know this area perfectly after 5 weeks, but thanks to that we are often lost and the people who help us to find our way are often interested by our message!

One day we were in a Spanish complex and a little girl came to help us to find a apartment and her siblings came, her neighbors then her friends… About 10 children were around us and we gave a picture of Jesus Christ for each of them. They didn’t know it was Jesus Christ on the picture! Now when we go in this complex, the children know us and the first little girl we saw, she runs to see us and give us a hug. She said she talked about us to her mother and she asked her to call us to have a lesson!

Another time, when we were lost, a man, Jose, talked to us to help us. And when we said we are missionaries, he said his wife passed away a week ago. We taught him the plan of salvation and invite him to go to church. This Sunday we saw him, and he was with a friend who is member! His friend was so grateful that we found Jose. But actually, we were lost and he found us…

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