Missionary Miracles – April 2015

These are missionary miracles in the words of those that experienced them. Shared with permission:

Ministering at ALL Places – Even Wal-Mart

I had an amazingly beautiful experience and opportunity this past week while we were shopping at Walmart. We were waiting in line to check out, and then I remember I needed to get new pens. I told myself I could get them next time cause I didn’t want to get out of line. I felt again like I should go get the pens. I didn’t want to bother my companion because we were already in line, but again I thought I should get them. So we went towards the office supplies. On our way there, we met a man standing in an isle just standing there note moving, not looking at anything. We walked back behind him and he immediately turned around and walked towards us. He came up to us and shook our hands and had a very distraught look on his face. He told us he was a member and we asked if there was anything wrong. He said there actually was and that he needed a blessing. We walked back behind the shoe aisle to get out of the crowd and we asked his name and began. He had explained to us that his family situation was less than unfortunate and that his son had tried to kill his other son and that he was in prison and that his whole family was falling apart. He had also explained to us that he was from Phoenix and he was just driving along and felt to stop at Walmart, miles away from home.

We laid our hands on his head and I began to give him a blessing. I do not remember much of what was said, but in that back corner of a Mesa supercenter with the world going on around us, distractions at every angle, I will tell you that I have never felt the Spirit stronger in my entire life nor has the Spirit worked through me to bless someone else in all of my short experience. I remember I commanded peace to fill his life and that the Lord promised him that his family would become whole again. I do not remember his name, I do not remember what he said to us after. All I remember is tears streaming down his face and his entire complexion at peace. I will probably never meet that man again, nor will I know if his family improves. But I gained a testimony that day of the Lord, our Father in Heaven, and that he cares and watches each and every one of us in our lives. He knows who we are, He knows what we need, He guides the spirit to guide us to help those in need. (Elder Hodges)

Elder Hodges

Elder Hodges

Ministering to ALL people

So some cool things happened this last week. On the first Friday of every month, Downtown Phoenix goes crazy and throws an art festival with tons of street vendors and tents and food. It’s crazy. So, last Friday, a couple of companionship in the two zones out here set up a tent (down the street a bit from all the craziness), and talked with people as they walked to and from the fair. We met a lot of really cool people, a lot of interesting people, and a few scary people too. I can’t begin to tell you how terrified I was (at first). And so many people were avoiding eye contact and pretending like they didn’t see us…I felt so unwanted. But then, I remembered that I wasn’t there to be wanted. I was there to be a missionary of Christ. So I talked with a lot of people. I got turned down a lot…but the more I talked with people, the easier it became! (Sister Pierson)

Sister Pierson

Sister Pierson

Ministering with Persistence and Persuasion

On exchanges with Elder Jorden – we spoke with a woman in this patio out front of her apartment complex – her name was Daisy, and she was actually someone we had contacted in the past. She told us that she was no longer interested, and we left to walk away, but right as we were walking away we felt the distinct impression to turn around and ask her if she had any Mormon friends. I remember being a little confused about the question, but nonetheless we asked it.

“No,” she replied at first, but then, after thinking a little bit, she replied “Well, actually my supervisor at work is a Mormon, and she’s always really nice to me. She lives about 31st and Greenway.”

I got super excited right then because that is the SQUARE! My old area! I asked for info about her friend, but I didn’t recognize the name she gave me. We started talking to Daisy a little bit more – we moved the conversation to her family, and her children, and also about her personal relationship with God. She shared with us how she had, in fact, been looking for God, and her kids were the reason that she had started looking for Christ, who had never really been apart of her life before. She then told us that she didn’t know how to explain things to her kids, so they had started going to a Catholic church.

That’s when we started talking about the Restoration. We asked her “Daisy, if you could know that the exact same church that Christ had established was back on the Earth today what would that mean to you? Like, the exact same one??”

She replied “Well, that would mean a whole lot – what do you mean??” Suddenly, Daisy had gone from being super not interested to SUPER interested.

So right then and there, Elder Jorden and I taught her the Restoration – she understood authority perfectly and several times throughout the lesson while we taught her was like “This makes perfect sense!” We committed her to be baptized and she asked us to come back and teach her children!!! (Elder Myers)
DSCN0110 E Myers

Ministering to their Potential!

I want to tell you about the highlight of our week…. A 70 year old Apache man named Abner has made immense strides of progress since missionaries have started visiting him back in 2014. Before missionaries got to CBQ he had a dream of two guys in white shirts and ties come to him with a book in their hand. So when they knocked on his door he was very accepting to the message. He previously had been a medicine man and practiced the traditions of the medicine man. One of Elder Keeler’s last weeks in Cibeque him and elder states invited him to pray about if he should be a medicine man or put his whole effort into the church. He prayed and had a dream of a group of Medicine men on one path and the church on the other. In his dream he chose the path to the church and has been coming every single week ever since. Last week he received the Aaronic Priesthood, and we told him about the proper dress of a priesthood holder at church, because he usually wore a hat, some jeans, and a plaid shirt. As he got out of his car to come into the building this week he stepped out and my jaw dropped. His hair was neatly combed, he had bought a tie, white shirt, and some slacks. As he was walking up there were a few of us just huddled at the door in amazement. He walked in and it was like he was a new man. He was just beaming and he looked so happy!! he was looking like a Branch President! He wants to pass the sacrament this week and he is excited for it too! Just amazed me of how the Lord prepares his people. Love you President have a great week! (Elder Blankenship)

DSCN0123 new Blankenship
Ministering through General Conference

General Conference was amazing as ever! and a miracle happen that definitely strengthen my testimony of living prophets and apostles. Carlos, our recent convert, has been struggling a little bit about gaining a true testimony of living prophets and reverence in sacrament meeting. We met with him on Friday and he told us that he didn’t want to come to church anymore because people were whispering, laughing, and on their phones during the sacrament. We had to use some heavy persuasion to even get him to come to at least an hour of Conference. He agreed to try watching the Saturday morning session. While watching the session, and listening to Elder Oaks talk, which he strongly talked about how sacred sacrament is and that we should be on our mobile devices, Carlos went, “Oh man,” and squirmed in the seat a little bit. After that he was much more interested in Conference. He watch and listened to 4 out of the 5 sessions and even loved it. He definitely felt the Spirit. (Sister Thomas)

Sister Thomas

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