Miracles Continue in French-speaking Work

Sisters Jackson & Pendant

Sisters Jackson & Pendant

[Shared with permission from Sister Jackson]

Dear President Sweeney,

Wow. Seriously wow! I am in shock as well at the miracles the Lord has provided this last week. This is His work and I am so grateful to be an instrument for Him at this time.
Hey there, I’m writing everyone together because I just want to share the wonderful miracles that have occurred here this week.

The first is meeting Yvonne. She is in her 60s and has been a widow for the past 3 years but is still grieving greatly. We had just knocked on a less actives door, set an appointment with them, and were returning to our car. As we approached our car I saw a woman walking towards us on the sidewalk. In my mind I thought, we should talk to her, but I brushed it aside and got in the car. We started driving, and after just one block, I pulled over. I told my companion “we’re going to pretend like we’re looking for a house but we’re really just going to stop to talk with this lady.” So we got out and approached her. She was very kind and really appreciated us visiting with her. She is still in a deep depression and she is seeking peace. She is also meeting with the Jehovah Witnesses, but she accepted that we come by. She said she knew we were sent from God. She’s such a sweet lady and we are excited to teach her more and help her find peace.

The next miracle is Fabrice. He is 18, from Congo, and has been in America for 1 year. He emits such a great light and you can tell that he just has a righteous strong spirit. We met him about a month back on the sidewalk in a refugee complex, and from our first conversation we knew he was ready. He is so interested in spiritual things for being such a young man. His family is Muslim but he has such a powerful strength and faith in Christ. He’s had a rough upbringing, but he is such a beacon of light. I know that he will be a bishop in the future. This week we took him to the Visitors Center, and discussed the priesthood more. Normally he wants to learn in English, but we’ve seen that when we teach in French it just clicks for him more. And he realizes that Sister Pendant is more comfortable with french, so he talks to her in French often. A few weeks back, he told us that he doesn’t think he could ever come to our church, because he just started attending another church and he is singing in their choir. So we told him that we would come to his church if he would come to ours. So this weekend we went to his church!

Fabrice’s church is a small African branch of a Presbyterian church. The services were in English, Swahili, and French. It had about 40 members including kids – all African. Needless to say, we were quickly noticed as visitors, and treated like celebrities. They welcomed us and had us introduce ourselves. They were so loving to us. The church services consisted of almost entirely songs (African) all praising God and Jesus. Pastor Fillipe spoke for a bit about verses from the bible. The whole thing lasted 2 hours. I could tell God was there and that God was happy for these people and their faith and devotion to Christ. These people are just doing the best they know – they are just missing the completeness of the gospel.

After the meeting, we talked with each of the 3 pastors and we have return appointments with 2 of them, and the 3rd said that he wants to take all of the members of their church to visit our church. One of the pastors, we gave a plan of salvation pamphlet to with our church info and contact info on it so that he would have something to contact us by. We didn’t expect him to read it really – just something to give him with our info. But just 5 hours later, he texted us saying “Hi…Who is Joseph Smith?” In the plan of salvation pamphlet, Joseph Smith is only mentioned once, on the last page, so this showed that he read the whole pamphlet already! He then also called us and left a message. In his message he said that he is so excited to learn more, everything was true, and that he knows this is what he needs to grow spiritually.

We then called him back. He was so excited – we have instant love for one another. We just briefly explained in about 5 sentences about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and told him that we would discuss it at our appointment with him. He said he wants to meet the next day instead of waiting for later in the week. After our call, he texted and said “I am so grateful to know a little bit more about our prophet Joseph Smith. I can’t wait to learn about spiritual life” OUR prophet!! He’s amazing!! This is God’s work and it is His spirit! Pastor Robert is a testimony to me that those that are seeking light will embrace God’s restored church. It’s truly a miracle and I am so humbled to be here at this time to see God start his work with the Africans here in the Phoenix area.

I feel so blessed by Heavenly Father to see these miracles at this time. His timing is divine and He is just too good to me.

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