Parlez-vous français? Sisters Vautier, Doolhoff, Jackson and Pendent Work a Miracle with the Lord’s Help!

Several months ago, I began to get reports of French-speaking West Africans living in the Phoenix downtown area.  The Spirit prompted some due diligence on the matter so I called the Missionary Department and asked for some French-speaking Sisters.  It’s not that easy to get them for the lead time runs into months.  However, they could arrange for some from Temple Square to come for 3 months and do some prospecting.  The hardest part of doing language work is actually finding the people you are prepared to teach!

After Sisters Heuea and Occolier completed 3 month missions with limited success, we got our first 3 full-time French speakers in the mission last transfer.  Things are getting pretty interesting already…….

Sister Doolhoff (companion to Sister Vautier) sent in this report [Shared with permission] :

Well this week we got a French investigator! It was truly a Miracle! We were “led by the spirit not knowing beforehand what we should do.”

It was truly great! We saw a family that looked African (a lot of people from Africa Speak French) and we thought they probably know French, well they didn’t BUT the mom knew a few that she worked with. They happened to live in the same apartment complex and she told us where they lived.

IT was amazing! When Miguel opened the door the first thing he said was COME IN (luckily we had other sisters with us so all 4 of us went inside). As Sister Vautier and Pendant began to teach the Restoration the spirit was so strong. I didn’t understand much of anything they said to each other BUT I knew that they were teaching by the spirit.

At the end of the lesson Sister Vautier held up the Book Of Mormon in French and started testifying that he could know if its true. He stopped her and told her that He has seen this book before. He has seen it in a dream he had the night before – given to him by missionaries. He was eager to have one and he said he IS going to read it!

Sister Vautier asked him to be baptized and he said YES I will read this book and if i know its true then yes i will be baptized! The spirit was strong and at the end he asked me to say the closing prayer because I was “calm” hahaha everyone else had been crying but I was just soaking up the spirit that was in the room. AND it probably helped that I was not sure what was being said. haha But I told him that he should pray and he said you say one and then I will. SO I said a prayer and then he prayed. Again I didn’t understand what he said but you could tell he was being sincere and that he really meant what he was saying!

Well after the lesson sister Vautier told me that in his prayer he was praying that he would be able to know that the book was true and he blessed us that we would find others to teach about this great message. HE ALREADY desired the welfare of other people to hear this message! He has been prepared by god to listen to this message in his own tongue! 🙂 HOW WONDERFUL the gospel is! GOD IS GREAT! He truly is at the head of this work! HE KNOWS what is best to help his children hear and understand truth! I know That HE LIVES! I know that Jesus Christ is his son and that HE ALSO LIVES!

Thank you President for that opportunity to be with sister Vautier!  I Feel that we knew each other in the pre-earth life! HOW WONDERFUL she is. She is teaching me a lot about who i need to be and how i can become whom god wants me to become. THANK YOU for being inspired!

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