Departures – April 6, 2015

The Arizona Scottsdale Mission bid goodbye to 10 missionaries on April 6, though 6 missionaries elected to extend their missions for several weeks and will depart as those dates hit.

The weather was pleasant – temperatures in the low 80s at meal time – and with the sun setting as the pre-meal pictures were taken, both the pictures and the meal were ideal. The menu was our standard Cafe Rio – and our kitchen helps included Elder and Sister Murri, down from St. Johns.

This group includes 2 Elders that had arrived in Arizona some 2 months before the mission was created and how fortunate we were to have them! It also includes a marvelous group of Sisters who arrived during the ramp up of Sister missionaries which occurred in the Summer and Fall of 2013.

We have wonderful memories of many of the Sisters on bikes with colorful blouses and modest skirts as they covered the wards in Scottsdale which are small enough to be serviced this way. Several served in the Mountains as well and were instrumental in opening up that area to Sister missionaries – areas which had never had Sisters before. Sister Doolhoff also opened up Luna New Mexico and lent her voice to the trio of Sisters that work there – softening hearts through song.

Elder Ortiz lives in Phoenix – and in an upcoming post, we’ll document his final day in the mission and his choice to ride his bike home. Sister Aguado’s family lives in Mesa – but unlike Elder Ortiz, she’s chosen to get a ride from her parents when she returns home in early May.

We note that Sister Fisher is from Canada – and with her departure we’re down to only one last Canadian in the mission. They are a tremendously talented group of missionaries and we look forward to seeing them grow ever-stronger in the gospel of Jesus Christ!

This departure brings the mission totals down to 180 or so Elders and Sisters.

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