Eddie’s Baptism – The Rest of the Story

[Shared with Permission of Sister Landry]

Eddie got baptized on Saturday!!  I think this was the best baptism yet on my mission. The spirit was so strong and he was in tears the entire time. I took a lot of pictures to remember this day.

I have never met someone so converted to the gospel in my life…He reminds me of one of those stories from the early church days were they are super converted and join the church instantly and go on to be a prophet! Eddie is a good man. At the baptism, we sang him the “Baptism” song..it was so beautiful…and the best part was that i had my voice back for that song…no coughing or hoarse voice..it was perfect. So many people came to his baptism and i think it really had a good effect on him since none of his family came.

Eddie told us that the night before, he got a knock on his door from his old friend xxxx. He was there for 3 hours convincing him not to join the church and trying to give him anti material. xxxx even started shouting at Eddie, but then Eddie stopped him and this is what he told him:

” I was going through one of the worst and painful times in my life, and not once did you come to my aid or even talk to me like a real friend would do, but…the sisters came and stayed in contact almost every day, and brought me something that for the first time in my life has made me realize what true happiness was, they and the church, and God were the only ones who helped me through this trial, and who are you to come to my home on the day before i choose for myself to be baptized and tell me i am wrong and try to tell me that all these things are false. These sisters brought me the truth, and i chose to be converted. You are misinformed and you should think about what you are really doing here right now because after what i have witnessed and the answers and happiness i have found through reading the Book of Mormon and being accepted by these members, i will never be able to change my decision to join the Mormon church.”

WOW…i was almost in tears as he told me this story. Satan really knows Eddie has a great purpose in this life and is doing anything to stop him, but Eddie said that his testimony was strengthened as he stood up for his beliefs. He said to me “I honestly believe ive been a member at heart all along!” I told him he has because he learned all the truth in the pre existence and he is remembering it now.

The other crazy part to this story is that we had taught him that very same day. Another friend named xxxx gave him an anti mormon book and tried to tell him the church was false…he took the book and showed us and said he didn’t need to read it because he was already converted to the church.and so we read 3 Nephi 14 about building our testimony on a firm foundation (verse 24 and 25) and how if we build our testimony on a firm foundation on the rock of our Redeemer, When the devil sends his winds and floods aka…people who pull us down, discourage us, or trials, we will not be moved and instead be strengthened through the bearing of our testimony when our faith is shaken. Eddie definitely experienced this and his testimony is stronger than ever. I am so glad he chose to follow through with commitments and not only that, but choose to be converted through prayer and study and repentance and forgiveness and service. He is a great example to me.

The other crazy part of this story is that the next day after his confirmation, we had our “night of Sacred Music” which was musical numbers and a multi-faith choir performance at the Luna ward. xxxx (the man who anti’d Eddie was in the choir with us singing about following Christ and being Christlike with multiple christian churches…and Eddie was in the audience. I think this was good for both of them because xxxx was able to see that we all have one thing in common…we believe in Christ.  The performances were beautiful. My favorites were “love one another” with the primary children doing sign language, “I stand all amazed”-us, “In the Garden” the YW “Beautiful Savior”..it was all amazing and there were so many people from other faiths there. At the end we handed out the 2008 Ensign stuffed with pamphlets, mormon.org cards, and the family proclamation to ALL the non members! It was the best missionary opportunity!

April 25 Update: WARD POTLUCK
We had a multi faith potluck at the ward. Several people from the community came..including the man who anti’d eddie. apparently the day before he had gone by Eddie and apologized for all the things he said to him about joining the mormon church and asked forgiveness. I was so impressed. We talked to many people and also ate the best hamburgers in the world!

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