Missionary Miracles – Elders Socha and Byington Share the Plan of Salvation

<img src=”https://scottsdalemission.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/elder-socha.jpg?w=202″

[Shared with permission]

“There was a family where the father was on date [for baptism] and the mother and son were not. So last night we dropped in on them and started talking about a ward party that they could attend.

Then the conversation gradually shifted to the gospel and we started talking about temple work. About this time I asked about a picture on their counter. They said it was of their dead son. After they explained the story of his death I was able to testify that John [Father] or LJ [son] could be baptized for him and that he has a chance for salvation too.

After a little bit Lori [mother] said, “I want to be baptized now.” and LJ said that he does too and that he wants to be baptized for his brother. It is an amazing thing, the spirit of Elijah, that touches the hearts of the people when you teach salvation for the dead. They want it. They yearn for the peace and closure that can come from the doctrine of salvation for the dead.”

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