All Arizona Scottsdale Missionaries Safe!

Dear Parents – There was a mass shooting today in Mesa. The article is linked. Parents are beginning to hear of this event and calling to know if their missionary is OK. All Arizona Scottsdale Mission missionaries were locked down in chapels or apartments during the shooting spree and ALL ARE SAFE.

The suspect has been captured. There is no longer a continuing threat.

The shootings occurred over several areas and locations all in the Arizona Scottsdale or Arizona Mesa Mission boundaries. We do not have definitive information on the Arizona Mesa Mission missionaries.

4 thoughts on “All Arizona Scottsdale Missionaries Safe!

  1. Thank you very much for this update! We so appreciate all that you do and are so happy to hear that everyone is safe! From: The thankful parents of Elder Shepherd

  2. Thank you for keeping us up to date! We are so happy to hear that everyone is safe. As parents it is a bit unnerving not to be able to call and make sure ourselves, but we are so grateful for the blessing of the Internet and that we have this blog!
    Thank you!!! ~Hermana Medrano’s “now relaxed” mother!

  3. Many thanks for the report, and for your sensitivity to the missionaries involved. While we anguish for the perpetrator and his family, we are deeply grateful that our missionaries were protected and that the damage was not worse.
    Elder Strike’s family

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