It’s Cattle Branding Time – in Luna and Pie Time in Pie Town – New Mexico

The Mission has 3 Sisters that cover Catron County in New Mexico – 4,000 souls and way more elk and cattle – are simply amazing!  They sing like nobody’s business – and that singing has done wonders to change the image of the Church there.

But, they also do — cowboy work.  (Or should I say cowgirl work?)  And that includes the branding done every spring on the new calves.  They will help anyone who asks – member of the Church, nonmember, they don’t care.  Pictured above are Sister Landry, Sister Isert and Sister Radamason.  I should add that Sister Radamason is from — Madagascar!

She’s a part of our mission for 2 transfers – and the first transfer she got to stay in Phoenix – nice and safe.  But, the Spirit said “get thee up to the mountains with her” – and so she is 5 hours away from Scottsdale, amid the pines and prairie grasses of the high country – with millions of stars around to keep them company.

Now, one of the communities in Catron County (a part of the Eagar Stake) is — Pie Town – aptly names per wikipedia for “an early bakery famous for making dried-apple pies that was established by Clyde Norman here in the early 1920s.”  The Sisters ended up there on Pi day – 3.14.15.  Yeah, it’s a special day that kind of came out of no where – except for those math majors who track this sort of stuff.  The Sisters affirm however that the “pies” were delicious!

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