A few months ago, Pres. Sweeney took part of a P-Day and ate sushi at a nearby Japanese restaurant (his favorite food is good, fresh sushi) with a group of Elders. Reading the blog, Sister Call’s Dad commented that she liked sushi, too. Well, challenge accepted!

So, a few weeks ago, when the “frost was on the pumpkin” here in Scottsdale (literally, we had to wait for a few hours until the grass was suitable to play on), President arranged for Sister Call and Sister Evans – both Sisters serving in the Biltmore Zone that covers downtown Phoenix, to meet he and Sister Sweeney for a round of golf at a nearby course (yes Sister Sweeney plays). It’s a 9-hole par 3 course – and nothing fancy, but for Mission Presidents who play a round of golf about every 6 months (if you’re lucky) – it’s not the course that is the challenge to a good score. And, we play best shot so we’re not holding up play. The result? Everyone had some good shots. Everyone had some not so good shots. Everyone had a great time!

After golf, we joined their apartment Sisters, Sister Jackson and Sister Occolier (who is from Martinique in the French West Indies by way of the Temple Square Mission – here on a 2 transfer assignment) for SUSHI! Everyone had all they could eat – and it was a great time! It’s a pleasure to be with these magnificent Sisters!

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