Elder Buckley and Elder Bouck – One Week, Many Miracles!

Miracle Week in Central Phoenix!

Sorry I know this is a lot to read, but I just want you to have a taste of how crazy it’s going to be this transfer!

Miracle #1: Our first day in Osborn ward. In the early afternoon we decided to tract some of the houses by the church. First 2 doors were slammed in our faces. 3rd door a man named Cameron came out and talked to us in his front yard. He’s probably in his mid 30’s. He said that when he was 24 he joined the church and was sealed in the temple. He taught the deacons quorum and baptized his brother. After 10 years he was excommunicated and got a divorce. He said that he deserved everything that had happened and that he wanted to get back in the church. Cameron said that he had just moved into his house 3 months ago and hasn’t met anyone in the church, or gotten the courage to go on his own. We told him that this was the first thing we’ve done since we got to phoenix, and that God directed us to him because He knew he was ready. We kept in touch through texts during the week and he came to Church yesterday!! We introduced him to the bishop and they met in his office.

Miracle #2: We were on our way to visit one of the investigators (Carl) that our Bishop told us to swing by. It was dark and we had never been there before. We pulled into the apartment complex, the gate was open. We parked our car and started walking around the complex looking for apartment #133. We couldn’t find it, so we started asking people where it was. They kept pointing to the back of the complex, but the numbers only went up to 120. Finally after 20 minutes someone said that we were in the wrong complex, it was in the one next door. We got in our car and the gate was locked! You need a card to get out! We parked the car and started walking around again looking for someone to let us out. The 2 people we asked said that they didnt have a key. The office was closed. So we started tracting for a gate key! No one would answer their door! We saw about 40 feet away a mom step outside to smoke. Desperate for a key I yelled to her before she went back inside. She said that she would help us out. She gave us the key and waited in the front of the complex for when we pulled around in our car. Her name is Jennifer. She had two cute little babies with her. We briefly told her about the plan of salvation and gave her a pamphlet. She said that we could come back again and have a lesson!! We never got to meet our referral, but that’s okay! We found a family.

Miracle #3: We went over with a member to visit Jennifer last night. She wasn’t home, but outside her apartment was her neighbor. We started talking to her and found out that she had no idea what the Church of Jesus Christ was. She had never heard of Mormons. So we started to talk about it and what church was like on Sundays. She sounded really interested and said that she wanted to see what it was like. She said that she would come on Sunday and that we could come over this week and tell her more about it. She gave us her phone number and said that we can call her whenever we need to get out of the complex. No more tracting for keys!!! The best part was that we had a member with us and he was able to see that we are capable of turning street contacts into new investigators.

Miracle#4: In Gospel Principles a couple sat in the back of the room. When everyone went around introducing themselves, she mentioned that she grew up in the church, but this was her first time back in 12 years! She said that she was with her fiance (their probably in their late 20’s) and that this was his first time in a Mormon Church. He said that he liked it a lot and was really interested in learning more. We’re meeting at the church on Thursday to have our first discussion!

Miracle #5&6: A few months ago we baptized Sister Vargas in Snowflake. Her Grandson moved in and we got permission to teach him from his mom. Travis is 12 years old and I was so thankful that I could go up this last Saturday for his baptism. Also while in Snowflake the Moss Family got Sealed! They were baptized about a year ago in Show Low. We baptized their 18 year old son about 6 months ago. It was such a special day.

Miracle #7: We visited some former investigators who still go to church. A family of 5 named the Blackmans! Brother and Sister Blackman were so cool and there kids are adorable. They talked about how they got introduced to the church and love it. The mentioned that they had been thinking about getting baptized, but life got a little crazy for a while. They’ve taken the missionary lessons a couple times already. At the beginning of the conversation sister Blackman had mentioned that they like to get things done instead of being all talk when it comes to religion. We drew a little picture of what a sealing room looked like and explained how special and sacred sealings are. We told them that Elder Bouck and I are the kind of missionaries who like to “get things done instead of talking about it”. We told them that the sooner they get baptized, the sooner they can get sealed together as a family. We told them that we were going to come over in a few days and that we’re going to set a baptism date for them and their 8 year old daughter. They said, “Okay let’s do it! Come over tomorrow night and we’ll pick a day!”. Elder Bouck and I prayed a few days ago when we first got into the area that we would find and baptize a family in the month of February. We are so happy that God answered our prayers so quickly as a result of our hard work. We’re setting their baptism dates tonight!

Elder Bouck and I are so thankful and overwhelmed by all of the crazy miracles we have been having. We are so blessed. We’re making sure that we are as obedient and thankful as possible so that the miracles DONT STOP!!! This is going to be a great last transfer. I Love Phoenix!! Keep praying for miracles to happen in the Osborn Ward!

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