Departures – March 6, 2015

Departures -Mar 15 Group

F to B, L to R: Sisters Sweeney, Freeman, Crowther, Hogenson, Evans, Occolier (Temple Square), Clark, Holman, Robert and Cole Back: Pres. Sweeney, Elders Smith, Packard, Jacobson, Jackson, Robertson, Buckley, Knight and Sessions


The Mission bid farewell to 16 missionaries in a departure dinner and farewell testimony meeting on March 5, 2015. The missionaries gathered at the mission home for this picture (it’s finally light late enough to take the picture outside) at 5:30 pm where Sister Bass took the departing photo. They all look happy and relaxed – and they should – for this is another extraordinary group whose contributions the mission will miss!

The departing group dined on Cafe Rio salad/burritos with Texas sheet cake and ice cream for dessert, expertly served by the Elder and Sister Murri – a senior couple that joined the mission in February 2015 (story to come).

The departing group then gathered in the family room for a testimony meeting where each missionary was able to offer a heart-felt testimony of their growth as a missionary. This is a wonderful group – all have grown stronger, many have served for multiple transfers as District/Zone/ or Sister Training Leaders. They will all be greatly missed!

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