Arizona Scottsdale Mission – Latest Arrivals 1.19.2015

January 2015 Arrivals

January 2015 Arrivals

January has the best weather of the year in Scottsdale!  The nights are in the upper 40s with days around 70.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!  Into this paradise, we welcomed 6 new missionaries – 4 Elders and 2 Sisters – including 1 from Temple Square.

Arriving from the Provo MTC were Elders Proctor, Rivera and Beesley.  Elder Ross arrived from Red Rock AZ for a 2-transfer mission, while Sister Ruggles and Sister Radamason arrived from the MTC and Temple Square, respectively.  Sister Radamason is from Madagascar and speaks passable French.  She is helping with our mission’s efforts to find, teach and baptize French speaking people, mostly from West Africa.

The group toured the Mesa Visitors Center, went out first time contacting and ended Day 1 with driver safety training.  Day 2 included a drivers test, training and meeting their new companions.  All of these Elders and SIsters are prepared missionaries and are making definite contributions to their areas!

The mission is now down to 185 Elders and Sisters with the prospect of 180 on the horizon.  We are thankful for each and every one of them!

6 thoughts on “Arizona Scottsdale Mission – Latest Arrivals 1.19.2015

    • Hi Shirleys! I’ve forwarded to Sister Bass to update our record. And, I think I’ve corrected your name in the prior post on the wedding, Sister Shirley. Great to visit when you came by!

  1. Hello, Scottsdale, Arizona! We are the Rasmussens from Rexburg, Idaho and just sent our eldest daughter to your mission yesterday. She had previously served ten months in Monterrey, Mexico before being given a temporary release and was so honored to be given the opportunity to continue and finish her mission in Scottsdale. We’re excited to see there is a blog and will be checking in frequently. We know she will be in good hands in Arizona and we think you will love her too. 🙂 Thank you for all you do! The Church is true!

    • Dear Sister Rasmussen – we are so excited to have her! She arrived after a long day (but with a future travel voucher for $800!) and we got her “checked in”. She joined Sister Sweeney, her two new companions (at least for this first week) for dinner last night. She’s an answer to our prayers to have more mature, language-capable Spanish Sisters (we’ve got a lot of new missionaries who need shepherding)! Next week we’ll have her go through the orientation process, get her missions driving permissions and add her to the new arrivals for March. Thank you for ALL you have done to prepare her to serve!

    • Sister Rasmussen is a gem! Truly converted, diligent, good Spanish – all necessary because she’s working in an area with 2 units to support, the YSA Ward and a Spanish Ward. It’s a lot of work but she’s mature enough to handle the YSA ward and a Spanish area. Thank you for sending such a well-prepared missionary!

  2. Your message made my day, thank you for taking the time to send it! Our daughter was born to be a missionary. She has always had a testimony of one well beyond her years and we know this opportunity to serve and teach others of the restored gospel is a profound honor to her. We’re glad to hear she is being challenged to stretch outside her comfort zone with the two very different wards. We know it will have a positive influence on everything else she does in her life. Thank you for welcoming her so warmly to your mission, putting her to work and watching over her. We feel so grateful and blessed!

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