A Conversion Story – Hermana Clark

Sister Clark Sept. 2014 001Concepcion is our investigator who waited a year and a half for missionaries to pass by her house. She is SO great! I have never seen anyone SO prepared to be baptized in all of my life! Everything we have taught her she has just applied, and effected in her life. The day we taught the Word of Wisdom she stopped drinking coffee, the day we taught her about the Law of Chastity…she broke up with her boyfriend, the day we taught the 10 commandments and keeping the Sabbath day holy…she told her boss she no longer could work on Sundays.

We did so well up until we taught her about following the prophet. She said she would like to learn more but that she wasn’t quite yet ready to follow Thomas S. Monson as the prophet today. So we left her with the Liahona and with the invitation to pray to know if President Monson is a prophet today. So we kept on teaching her but then on Saturday night she told us that because of the Super Bowl she was having to work on Sunday and wouldn’t be able to make it to her interview with Presidente Castineda. We promised her that if she didn’t go to work the Lord would bless her.

Well come Sunday, she came to her interview!! She had told us that she told her boss she simply couldn’t work on Sunday. But the best part of the story is that she got that strength to say no from an article she read by Thomas S. Monson in the Liahona. In the article it talks about how Thomas S. Monson had to give up his commission he had worked to hard for just to continue his calling as a counselor in the bishopric. Had he not done so, he wouldn’t be the prophet today. Concepcion gained such a testimony from reading that article and by applying it, now has a testimony that President Monson is the living prophet today.

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