Missionary Wisdom – Sister Havea (from Tonga)

Sister Havea (New)

[Shared with Permission]
Last week i learned so much about Sacrament and the Atoning Sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ and every single study i have, i got something new. Everything make so much sense to me and up to this morning i couldn’t help it but crying and I deeply feel how much my Savior do loves me. I set a goal for my self to work on, every Sunday during sacrament , i need to ponder and think about my Savior Jesus Christ.Recall on every wrong doing i made the past week and truly asked for his forgiveness.

I learned that ONE hour that i’m sitting in sacrament meeting, is equal to the Hour he asked his disciples to Watch with him at the Garden of Gethsemane.Only An Hour he asked me to Watch with him while he pray at the Garden of Gethsemane. Its the time we should accompany him at the moment of his agony, at the moment he suffered to take away the sins of the world for him. Every time i read about the disciples as they fell asleep when they were asked to watch with him, i thought to myself, it was only an hour but they couldn’t,and i realize now that i was just one of them every Sunday. I don’t pay attention or even listen to the words of the hymn even the sacrament prayers. Is something that i want to work on is to ponder the sacrament prayers even the sacrament hymn and think about how much he gave for me and for my family and friends.

I learned As the priesthood extend his arm to offer me the sacrament, it is the Savior extending his arm and offer his Love, Peace, Forgiving, Atonement for me. And why would i deny that gift? i asked myself.I do really need his Love and the Peace he has for me. His forgiving and his Atonement. It is his love that keeps me going and i know deep inside me that he will never leave me alone. I truly realize how much the sacrament really mean to me. It is a two way covenant we made with him, We promise that we will always remember him and keep his commandments at all time, and his promise to us, he will forgive our sins and the Holy Ghost will be with us at all time. It’s been a really tough week and it’s not easy at all but through my Savior, everything is possible. As i ponder his great love for me and treasure his precious blood that split, will provides the way for me to return back to live with him again and to be with my Family For time and Eternity.

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