L to R, Assistants Elder Burnside, Elder Hofman, Elder Leslie

[Elder Burnside shared this story; He has an allergy to processed meats which makes this story even more unique!)

“This is quite the story. Last Monday we had a 3.5 hour drive ahead of us to Show Low (in the white mountains). It was 5:30pm and we wanted to make a quick stop for dinner before we hit the road. We ended up not being so quick, but it was sooo worth it. Elder Hofman had a Subway card, and he wanted to use it. He knows I can’t eat Subway because of allergies, but I told him I could go through the drive thru elsewhere, get something to go, and we would sit down in Subway to eat. I sat down with my food waited for Elder Hofman to order his sandwich, then we said a prayer. I did not know it, but a man had come in and sat down behind us. As soon as we said “amen”, he said
“Excuse me Gentlemen, are you from the Mormon church?”
We said yes and he asked “Are you ministers?”
We said yes again. Then he said this:
“My New Years resolution is to try something new. I have seen you Mormons around, and I have never been willing to listen. But now I want to try something new. I want to listen to what you have to say.”
Then he added “Is there room in your booth that I could just come sit over there with you?”
We were so excited to make room for him that we almost pushed our food off of the table We learned that this middle-age man just lost his home and was planning to move out of our area. the next day. He asked us:
“Tell me the truth guys, sometimes I wonder if God is on my side, or if he is out to get me.”

We taught him about the nature of God, and the gift of his Son to the world who so badly needs Him. It was a powerful lesson. We taught him about forgiveness and starting anew. His face lit up!
He will move to Phoenix, and we are excited for the missionaries there to teach him.

When this man stood up and left, we saw that a woman sitting near us had listened to everything we had taught. We then started talking with her, She took our number, and said she has a friend who needs to hear that message. (Hopefully soon she will want to listen too).

I was happy that we went to Subway even though I would never choose to go there if it were not for Elder Hofman! On the way out to the car, Elder Hofman pulled a little piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to me. I said “What is this?” He smiled and said
“The phone number of the guy behind the counter who made my sandwich. He wants us to come over soon and teach him more.”

Many of the Lord’s children are ready to listen. Not just here in the Fountain Hills, AZ Subway sandwich shop, but every where. Unbind your tongues and share!
As hymn 319 says:
“The harvest is great and the labors are few, and if we’re united, we all things can do.”
Have a wonderful week!
Elder Burnside”

Can there any good things come from Subway? Oh yes it can! This story shows us that ALL of us can – even in Subway!


  1. My name is Sister Cranney, I just read your Subway story. It brought tears to my eyes, my son is Elder Beesley he is serving in Show Low right now and I think you may have been heading there to deliver the missionaries their mail. One of which I know was Elder Beesley’s. He was writing me an email and suddenly ended with I have to go, our packages just got here. So your story touched my heart to know in some small way as you were going to deliver my missionary son his package you had such wonderful blessings poured out to you in the Subway sandwich shop. Thanks for delivering. Sister Cranney

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