Our Mission’s Second Santa – Sister Jerrell!

Every year we try to get “something” for our missionaries for Christmas. Last year, due to the upcoming Gilbert Temple dedication, we got them embroidered temple dedication white handkerchiefs. This year, with no temple dedications in sight, we were unsure what to do.

A couple of months ago, Sister Laura Jerrell, a newly-called Church Service missionary who coordinates our Just Serve assignments – and in her spare time mends missionary clothing – came to me with an idea. Seems over the years she had accumulated a lot of fabric – odds and ends, closeouts, etc – for a wise purpose she knew not. She had woken up in the middle of the night with the idea – sew pillow cases for all 200+ missionaries! She asked if I would approve it. “Of course!”, I replied.

And so for the next 2 months she labored – churning out many more pillowcases per day than she had at first thought she could do. And, they were BEAUTIFUL! In November she delivered all 250 of them to the mission home where we kept them until the day of the Christmas Luncheons with the Missionaries. We then had the pleasure of introducing Sister Jerrell and letting her explain the gift she had made.

The Elders and Sisters greeted her with applause – especially after Pres. Sweeney showed them his new “Grinch” pillow case! The most poignant pillowcase for Sister Jerrell – a tried and true Arizona State fan, was one she did for Elder Russell, a University of Arizona fan who was in Sister Jerrell’s ward a few months ago. True to her idea, she had some U of A fabric crafted into a beautiful pillowcase.

Sister Jerrell epitomizes the wonderful members of the Church – who under inspiration do marvelous things to serve others. We thank her and her wonderful husband for their sacrifices on behalf of the missionaries of the Arizona Scottsdale Mission!

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