Farewell to Elder and Sister McConkie and Elder and Sister Williams

Just after transfers (you know we’d make them stay through that!) in December, we bid farewell to Elder and Sister McConkie and Elder and SIster Williams, our office couples who opened the mission office in June/July 2013.

It might be thought too much to say these couples were the “dream team”, but in truth, they were so efficient, kind and thoughtful, the missionaries and parents bestowed countless notes, cards and pictures upon them!  Sister McConkie’s office was often festooned with a missionary creation given to her.

When Elder Williams inherited the Vehicle Coordinator role, he was tasked with changing the tone of missionary compliance to mission vehicle cleanliness and safety from punitive to a rewards-based motivation.  He created the “Arizona Scottsdale Mission Golden Plates” – a license plate holder with these words – colored in gold – which was awarded from that time forward to the best car in each zone.  It was a huge success as missionaries competed to win the coveted plates (and when 2 cars tied, 2 plates were awarded)!

Not to be overlooked were the many late-night calls where missionaries would have had an accident, or a car wouldn’t start, etc.  Often, Elder Williams and Sister Williams would be the first on the accident scene, making sure the missionaries were cared for and got medical treatment as necessary.

Elder McConkie completed all of the missionary funding on time and within budget.  Sister McConkie flawlessly arranged travel home, ordered supplies and kept a watchful eye on things at the Mission Home whenever President and Sister Sweeney were away on interviews and zone conferences.  Both couples pitched in at transfer time – often cooking for the departing missionaries and helping set up and clean up.  The McConkies also hosted arriving Elders or Sisters in their apartment and provided breakfast to them and made sure they were back to the Mission Office the next morning chipper and ready for a new day.

To say we love and admire – and miss them – is an understatement.  In every possible way, their influences on these missionaries complemented what we hoped the ASM missionaries would learn – and become.

We wish them continued happiness as they return to Florida and Utah.

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