Tis the Season – Missionaries “Just Serve” in Payson AZ!

Payson AZ is a great place! It lies northeast of Phoenix at the base of “the Rim” – meaning a bluff some 2,000 feet higher than Payson’s 5,000 feet elevation. It is nestled in pine trees, and it provides a relief from the heat of the valley for all missionaries fortunate enough to be assigned there.

In December, the town celebrates Christmas with a parade – and because the parade organizer is a member – they recruited volunteers for the parade “characters” = pine trees and gingerbread men. Enter Payson’s Elder and Sisters. These dynamic missionaries donned the costumes and marched/acted in the parade. This marks Sister Crandall’s 2nd year doing her version of a Christmas Tree – and she’s good at it!

Just Serve is the church-provided website where non profits can advertise their need for volunteers. The Arizona Scottsdale Mission saw the posting asking for volunteers and promptly answered the request. These missionaries joined hundreds who volunteered for the Christmas Parade. It’s the perfect way to make long-term friends with the communities we labor in.

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