Departures – December 2014

We have reached the mission milestone where for the first time, some of the missionaries who are going home are ones we welcomed to the mission!  It is a great and dreadful day!  Great because we have been able to see the tremendous growth of many of these missionaries since we first met them in the MTC before their arrival in the newly-formed Arizona Scottsdale Mission – – AND all of them are SUCH STALWART and TRUE missionaries!.  Dreadful because our mission hourglass is now just above 1/2 full – as we complete our 17th month of 36 months.

Scottsdale Missionaries at the MTC

Scottsdale Missionaries at the MTC

Above are the Spanish-speaking Sister missionaries who entered the MTC in June 2013 (when this picture was taken) and went home this transfer.  Included in the departing group are 2 Temple Square Sisters who concluded their 2-transfer in-field assignment (both are French Speakers – Sister Gariki from Tahiti and SIster Bernhardt from France) looking to teach those who primarily speak French.  We could not feel more blessed to have known these wonderful Elders and Sisters!

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