Arizona Scottsdale Mission – Latest Arrivals 12.8.2014

Bright and early Monday, December 8th, the Arizona Scottsdale Mission welcomed 9 arriving missionaries, including 3 from the Mexico City MTC.  We are thrilled to have these wonderful new Elders and SIsters join our mission!

Let me introduce these missionaries and their trainers:

Elder Hepworth is from the Seattle area and is called to speak Spanish.  His trainer is Elder Johnson – himself a missionary that is only out 3 months, but who is very skilled in Spanish.

Sister Taylor is from the flatlands east of Denver and is called to speak Spanish.  Her trainer is Sister Lakin who is an expert in soccer, which is often played as a missionary activity in our Spanish branches.

Elder Letourneau is from upstate New York and is being trained by a fellow New Yorker, Elder Martinez.  These two actually know each other and are already great friends.

Elder Peterson is from rural Idaho and he is an avid outdoorsman.  His trainer is a recent convert and only member of his family, Elder Stratton.

Sister Villalta is from Pennsylvania and has a great family conversion/activation story!  She is fluent in both English and Spanish – and she is laboring in two wards – a YSA ward and a Spanish Ward.

Sister Medrano is from the great state of Texas and is called to speak Spanish.  He companion, Sister Aguado, was born in Mexico but has lived in Arizona for most of her life – and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Sister Lyons is from Mississippi and is laboring in a YSA ward and family ward – with her companion, SIster Richards, who has been out for only 3 months but is a super strong missionary and trainer.

Elder Towle is from Utah and his companion, Elder Nevin, who is from Texas, comes from Arizona pioneer stock and has many relatives all over the mission.

Elder Merrill is a two-transfer missionary who is getting experience doing real missionary work before he submits his full time missionary papers in Spring 2015.  His companion is Elder Burggraaf.

These Elders and Sisters come well-prepared and they are already making an impact to the mission!  We love them already!

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