Brother Lalo

During November, the entire mission prayed for the 3 Sisters in Luna, New Mexico to have increased success in their area.   Here is the week by week report from the Luna SIsters:

3 Weeks Ago…

“THANK YOU to all who prayed for us this week. I really felt like I was being pushed along and gently guided every day this week. Everything just fell so much easier into place as we planned and as we taught.

Lalo is still progressing towards baptism on the 28th of November! We taught him the Law of Chastity and The word of wisdom this week…. He agreed to live them both after resolving a few concerns. He said, “well I guess I just need to try a little harder.” He has not had coffee or tea since Thursday! He says its hard but he is just drinking a lot more water and juice and its helping him. Thank you for praying for him! He has so much faith. We are meeting with him everyday this week to get him ready for his interview! I Seriously can’t believe we found someone who wants to be baptized! At dinner last night one of our members was asking more about Lalo and his progress. We all got so emotional because of how prepared he is. He is such a good example to us in his obedience and in his desires to do right. He is so humble and so easily taught. Just like a child- how we all should be!!!

Our lesson with the Sanders in Datil this week was ABNORMALLY spiritual too! Sister Sanders was HAPPY the whole time. We taught them the 10 commandments with the fun hand signs to help them remember. We also talked about obedience. Brother Sanders in the closing prayer was so thankful for us helping he and his wife to get to the temple. They truly are a reason we are out here. Branch President Hobbs told us that all they needed was us here to visit them and push them along. The Sanders have changed a few things over the past few weeks and are still working on reading and praying together, but they are striving. They are attending church and were able to attend the Phoenix temple dedication yesterday! Brother Sanders afterwards came up to me and asked if ALL temples look like that one. And I explained to him that each one is unique but they all have the same purpose. They are so excited to get there! They also took us out to dinner this week. We asked them questions about how they met and what they love about each other the whole time. We are working on re-kindling their love haha. We figure that is part of missionary work too. They are going to be sealed soon! They need to really love each other!

Okay this is a small miracle that happened this week too. We were leaving our lesson with Jesse and talked to a girl on the side of the road. As the car was parked and SIster Doolhoff was talking to this girl, a woman drove past in a car and so I waved. 30 seconds later the woman in the car backed up beside our car, so I rolled down my window. She asked who we were. I told her and asked her her name. She said Franny Smith!
FRANNY…..was a referral a while back. We contacted her at her door and got the door slammed in our face. We received her as a referral 2 more times and went back 2 more times to have the same thing happen… BUT after that wave at her, we chatted for a minute and I told her how much the people we know love her and tell us how great she is. She was flattered and wants us to visit her ANYTIME now!!!!!!! WHAT A MIRACLE!!! FRANNY HAS INVITED US OVER!! By small and simple means are great things brought to pass.

Okay another miracle. Another referral we received a week or two ago we finally contacted this week. As we were searching for their house we passed a man outside his home so we decided we’d ask him where the Armijos lived. He WAS Mr. Armijo! So he ended up being atheist and was not wanting to learn more. But as my companions were getting in the car I asked if he knew anyone else who would like to listen to our message or needs help. (I asked him in Spanish). While he sat thinking, his grandson visiting from Colorado for a few days came out on the porch to grab something and Mr. Armijo introduced us. I asked if his grandson Adam would want missionaries to visit him at his home in Colorado. Without hesitation he said yes and I asked if we could get his address and he said Yes do you have a pen?! He took a Book of Mormon and we sent in his referral to Colorado! We called him this morning to get his zipcode because we forgot to, and he was excited to get the missionaries at his home! WHAT A MIRACLE. And it would not have happened if we didn’t ask for referrals.

ALSO another referral we have been trying to contact since the beginning of October FINALLY called us back this week!!! It is a family with young kids in Pie Town. President Hobbs said he wants to meet with us! We started doubting that this family in Pie Town really wanted to meet with us. BUT WE HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THEM ON SUNDAY.

ALSO we are teaching a woman in Luna who investigated the church a few years ago but then the elders never went back. She is SUCH a truth seeker, with a German, atheist husband. She is baptist but REALLY wants to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. After our lesson I ended up in the bathroom crying because I was so emotional and happy!!! I pleaded on my knees that Sister Boerner will recognize her answer.

Also we are teaching an 8 year old who is preparing for baptism in Alpine named Shayde! He has a single less active mother who is now becoming active.

We received another referral from a member last night for an interested family in Reserve! We have an appointment with them and with the member tomorrow! They are a young family.

What I realized last night is how we arme teaching someone in EVERY city we cover. It is seriously such a miracle how many people came out of nowhere this week. Our members trust us and are giving us referrals. Our less actives are progressing towards the temple and we will have the Luna wards first baptism in a few years next week!

Two weeks ago…

“That family I mentioned in my last email from Pie Town branch accepted to be baptized! We drove out there yesterday with our branch President who referred us to them. The lesson was so powerful and everyone was in tears. President Hobbs bore his testimony so sincerely to the Castanons and they listened because they trust him and respect him so much. My testimony of member present lessons increased ten fold! Two new investigators in Pie Town! (fruits of all of those prayers!)

Brother Lalo passed his baptismal interview yesterday with President Platt! He will be baptized this Friday!  During a lesson this week Lalo said that he has never prayed so much in his entire life than he does now. He said it makes him feel so good! He accepts everything so easily sometimes we question if he is truly ready for baptism. But I know he is! He is just so humble, that it’s hard to believe some people really can be that way!

Brother Jay Platt told us that yesterday in Priesthood they had Lalo stand up and introduce himself. He said, “I’m brother Lalo Vxxxx. I live in Aragon New Mexico. I am learning more about your church because I want to live with Jesus again someday.” and then he sat down. Brother Platt said it was the cutest thing! We love him! And he now refers to himself as BROTHER Lalo Vxxxx. He is so good :)”

Last week….

“Lalo’s baptism was outstanding. Everything went so well, many members showed up to support and so did Lalo’s non-member sister and husband also came. We hope to start teaching them soon!  Lalo’s change in countenance is noticeable and he is telling EVERYONE that comes to dump their trash about his increased knowledge and happiness!! He is already a great missionary!


THANKS PRESIDENT SWEENEY for letting the whole mission pray for us.”

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