Missionary Miracle – Sisters Landry and Thomas

Sister Thomas

Sister Thomas

Sister Landry

Sister Landry

[Shared with permission]

Diana is excited for her baptism on Dec 6th. It was funny because her boyfriend (who is a member) came up to us at church and asked “How in the world did you sisters get Diana to agree to baptism!” Diana is still a bit nervouse about telling her family. However God answers prayers. She told us that since she could not go to the Phoenix temple dedication, she went to Catholic church with her mom.

After, she went to run an errand at Wal-mart for her mom. While in the aisle, an old man on a scooter chair rode up to her and said “excuse me” so she walked away.. But then he came back, and she realized he was trying to tell her something. He told her out of the sincerity of his heart “Ma’am, I’m not sure why I need to tell you this, but I just know that Jesus loves you. There is going to be a big change coming into your life, and God is very proud of you and the decisions you are making….”  Then he just rode away on his little scooter. She said she just started bawling in the middle of Wal-Mart because she knew that was the answer to her prayers, and that she knew that no matter what, she was going to get baptized. Diana just finished reading The Book of Mormon, and she said that she never felt like she got any big answer, but ever since she has acted on her faith in the little things she does know to be true, she has had very powerful confirmations that she is making the right decision to be baptized.

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