Sushi Elders

Missionaries who served in Japan almost always develop a taste for sushi.  And, some Missionaries who DIDN’T serve in Japan also develop a taste for sushi – but because it is expensive, rarely get a chance to indulge.

That’s where Mission Presidents who love missionaries who love sushi comes in:  Subsidy.  They pony up $5 each and President gets the rest – including the lunch special and lots and lots of sushi!

And so it was recently that this intrepid group of Spanish Elders who love sushi joined for P-Day lunch at our favorite restaurant – Sekai Sushi.

Sekai Sushi Mesa 10.2014

L to R, Elders Soto and Peters; Second row, President Sweeney, Elders Aiono, Swanson, Haney, Pilkington, Sorensen and Call

The food was quickly prepared, the sushi was outstanding and in 30 minutes or so the entire meal was consumed by these hungry Elders.  It gives the Spanish speaking Elders a very nice break from tacos, enchiladas, rice and beans etc.

But I noted they DID use a LOT of wasabi!

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