KNNB Radio Show – Ft. Apache

Going through Whiteriver AZ on a Sunday afternoon and tune to 88.1 on the FM dial and you may be surprised to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ being preached as a companionship of any 2 of the 8 missionaries will be on the air answering questions. Pictured above are Elders Clark and Harber on a past radio program. They look quite natural, don’t they?

This tradition has been going on for some months – just last week two Sisters – Sister Lopez and Sister Zavala – were the hosts to the 30 minute call in program. Here is what Sister Zavala said of their experience last week:

“So my week this week was amazing! We went on the radio to preach the gospel! We taught the 10 commandments. So there is 8 missionaries in this reservation in a small branch. And every Sunday the Elders would take turns and go. I wanted to go but my companion didn’t so 2 weeks ago transfers happened and a new sister came in and she agreed to go with me! So we went on Sunday and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life! It was amazing to teach on the radio. We only had 30 mins and thought we weren’t going to have enough time but totally could have used more time haha. It was so wonderful!”

Little by little, our missionaries ARE fulfilling Elder Bednar’s prophetic invitation: “As an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, I invoke this blessing upon you: that you may come to understand more fully the spiritual significance and blessing of living in the dispensation of the fulness of times, that you may have eyes to see clearly both the possibilities and the pitfalls of the remarkable technologies that are available to us today, that you may increase in your capacity to use these inspired tools appropriately, and that you may receive inspiration and guidance about the role you should play in helping to sweep the earth as with a flood of truth and righteousness.” (To Sweep the Earth as With a Flood, Aug. 19 BYU Education Week Devotional)

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