Departures September/October 2014

Departures are such bittersweet times! We have grown to love these missionaries and yet we know they must leave us and embark upon their greater Missions in life. In September and October 2014 we bid farewell to a total of 29 missionaries – 2 of whom (Elders Gillming and Carmon) went on to their permanent mission assignments in Brazil and 1 (Sister Heuea) back to Temple Square to complete her mission there. Included among these missionaries were many who had served as Sister Training Leaders, Zone Leaders and District Leaders.  Sister Rudy opened Ft. Apache to Sisters work, an amazing step for that Branch.  All contributed of their energies and talents to grow the Kingdom!  Their departure necessarily will require growth in their remaining missionary companions to step up to those roles.

And, the remaining missionaries WILL step up and grow! That is how the Lord does it. President Hinckley some years ago, when commenting on giving converts “a responsibility” quipped “just think of the chance the Lord took when He called you!” And so it is the order of things. In this dispensation, the rising generation WILL be more faithful than their parents….

We love and miss you, dear Elders and Sisters!

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