Missionary Wisdom – From the Luna NM Sisters!

Luna Sisters 11.1.2014

Sister Christensen, Sister Doolhoff and Sister Harrast

On Saturday our plans didn’t feel right. we felt like we needed to see Sister Hulsey, no idea why, she is completely active. We wrote her down, but didn’t end up seeing her that day.

So on Sunday (the next day) we needed lunch, and we don’t travel home to eat it because it’s too far. We usually ask a member in the ward to feed us. Sister Christensen asked Sister Hulsey to feed, while we were sitting in relief society. Church ends, and we start the drive to their hunting lodge where she says her daughter in law is feeding hunters. My first thought was “well this will be awkward eating lunch with a bunch of hunters!” but also an opportunity to TTI. So we get to the lodge and Brother Hulsey comes out and says his sister in law isn’t there and to go somewhere else for food. So we start to drive away and Sister Hulsey is driving up so we roll down the window and she tells us to go back and that there is definitely food for us to have. So we awkwardly drive back to the lodge and go inside and wait for supper to be served.

Meanwhile, we socialize with the hunters. Two of them are from Alma, Michigan, a city 14 miles from where I am from! They happen to have graduated from the same university my dad is an accountant for. So we make connections. One of them is from Fort Lauderdale, FL, so I talk to him about the temple open house there. He says his friend is Mormon and helping out with the open house etc. We talk to them about the church and finish our lunch. Before we leave, to say thank you, we sang them a hymn. This is what we do with pretty much everyone, soften hearts by music. And it works, this story is evidence of it. We sing our song to one of the hunters, the others had gone outside. We offer him a Book of Mormon, he says no. Then we leave, and as we leave the hunters tell us bye and to come back sometime. They said they could hear our song from outside and they loved the hymn.

5 minutes after we drive away, we realize we forgot out phone. Time to go back, and it was a good thing too because we needed to invite the others to have a Book of Mormon too. We come back and invite them all to take a Book of Mormon, they all say no. but they say jokingly to “come by tomorrow and sing for us again.” We leave, again.

5 hours later we’re at President Hamblin’s in Eagar for dinner. We sit in the car making phone calls beforehand etc. and we see we have a message from Sister Hulsey. She says the hunters have been talking about us NON-STOP in the lodge! They have been asking question after question about our beliefs, what we do as missionaries, where the funding comes from, what we have to do to become one, and everything. They want us to come back and talked to them and sing for them on Tuesday! YES! So my testimony has grown of music, and of eating lunch with hunters 🙂 What a tender mercy from the Lord. We screamed in the car when we got that surprise message from Sister HUlsey. We knew why we thought of her a few days earlier. This was supposed to happen and we are softening those hunters hearts one song and invite at a time! It was a golden opportunity and we’re so grateful. Who ever is praying for us in the zone, thank you for helping us to contact them!

(Written by Sister Harrast, and co-starring Sisters Doolhoff and Christensen)

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