Missionary Wisdom – Elder Watson

Elder Watson

[Shared with Permission] Oh that ALL missionaries would arrive at this place!

President, I have always felt like and will always be happy to do the work wherever you need me to go, but for the longest time I was looking at that only as “I’ll do the work where you put me…” Last night I got a bit of revelation as I was getting ready for bed. For some reason (and this is just how weird I am hahaha) I was day dreaming in my head and role playing what I would say to new coming missionaries is if I had to talk to them about what to expect from a mission. I was telling them about how great it is to be involved in the work and get to go to new places and see and meet new people and then the thought popped into my head “Don’t complain about where you are put like I did.” God has His plan and His purposes. It’s great that we want to work wherever we are put, but there’s more to it than that. I have been fighting the one piece of advice that my brother gave me in his one letter to me at the beginning of my mission: “Let the mission change you.”

I thought I was following it at first, but to go to you and claim that I’m not ready to work in YSA is contradicting that very statement. “The Lord calls us in our weakness and qualifies us for His work.” This ran through my head and all I could think about was how all the places I have been put on my mission have been to help me change to what the Lord needs of me. In my day dream talk I said “Do any of you have any idea to how you want to change on your mission? Do any of you have a plan for who you want to be by the end of your mission? Well forget it! Throw that plan away because God has a bigger better idea for who you ought to be and if you keep focusing on your idea for who you want to be, you’ll focus on your will and not His. He won’t be able to qualify you for His work because you’ll be too busy trying to find your own qualifications.

Yes, we all have various capacities and talents and we all have certain skills, but you cannot get discouraged or feel as if President put you in the wrong place just because you are in an area that doesn’t best utilize your skills. Maybe God is trying to build another skill or talent within you so you can help in another area….” and so on and so forth..I think I talked to myself about this for about an hour before I realized the Spirit was giving me a sermon on the very thing I came to you about: Wanting to leave because I didn’t feel ready…What do I know that the Lord doesn’t? So I just want to say…Instead of saying “I’ll go wherever you need me” I’m now saying “I’ll change to wherever you put me.” (Elder Watson)

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