Arizona Scottsdale Mission – Latest Arrivals 9.15.2014

We’ve been blessed again! The Arizona Scottsdale Mission welcomed 15 new arrivals on Monday, September 15. Ten of the 15 arrived as scheduled Monday, with the 5 Spanish language Elders from Mexico City arriving 10 hours late due to a flight cancellation. That did not keep them from using their time at the Mexico City airport to talk with others and test their 6-week old Spanish on real people. They had some amazing success stories!

The 10 who arrived Monday morning toured the Mesa Temple grounds and Visitor’s Center, had some time to learn from President and Sister Sweeney and enjoyed a Cafe Rio lunch and a Hawaiian haystacks dinner at the mission home. In between was orientation, drivers tests and some first time proselyting around Scottsdale. Again, these new missionaries “feared no man!” They placed numerous copies of the Book of Mormon and got several referrals.

Tuesday, Sept. 16 was more training of their trainers and the new missionaries on how to be successful. Lunch prepared by Elder and Sister Dale, our service missionaries, was hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and watermelon.

The transfer meeting featured many wonderful musical number, including one flash missionary mob type called One Voice that started with one soloist who was joined by the end of the number by 20 fellow missionaries. FUN!

By 3 pm the new missionaries and their companions were all on their way to their new areas for their first night of proselyting. Somehow, most of these new missionaries ended up either in downtown Phoenix or in the White Mountains.

We love them already!

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