Sisters Basketball Team

It started with some Elders gathering for a P-Day basketball game at the Mountain Shadows Ward chapel – across the parking lot from the mission office.  That was typical Elder’s basketball – a lot of sweating, a little scoring and gobs of fun.  But, the Scottsdale Zone (where the mission office is located) has Sisters – and some of them LIKE basketball!  So it was that on a recent P-Day the challenge was on!

Sisters versus Elders – and the mission president gets to be on the Sisters team just to “make it even.”  Pictured above are Hermanas Argyle, Carrillo, Faw and Egbert – with President Sweeney holding the ceremonial basketball.

The poses?  Well, these are poses that go with a winning team attitude (note the firm jaw lines holding back smiles) celebrating their Sister teamwork and basketball prowess.  No, we don’t count points and keep score (following the Missionary Handbook) – and we only play half-court, but when the other team doesn’t score for 20 minutes and your team scores almost every time you have the ball, it’s pretty easy to figure out who won.  And the Sisters dominated – sinking shot after shot, layup after layup.

Sisters basketball.  Who knew?!





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