Irma’s Story – by Sister Grooms

Irma’s Story as told by Sister Grooms.  Note the boldness of these Sisters as they combine love with persistence.

:Sister Grooms

There was one morning that we didn’t feel like we should go and see the people that we had planned and were just driving without much direction or purpose, as we passed Indian School Road, I really felt like we should turn left but continued to drive until Sister Doolhoff asked me where she thought we should go. I said I didn’t know but that we should have turned left on Indian School. She then told me that she had just thought of a name of a potential that she had tried to contact a million times and had given up on, but that that’s how we would have gotten to her house so that’s where we went.

We knocked on several doors and left a couple of notes and thought maybe that that was all we were supposed to do. But as we looked out on this little neighborhood we both felt like there was some other reason we had to be there. So we knocked on one more door and Irma answered. We talked to her for a little bit about the book of Mormon and she accepted she accepted a return appointment at that time but later texted us and told us that she was too busy and wanted to read the book some more before meeting with us.

But on Saturday, Sister Doolhoff felt like we should go visit her and offer service so we did, we were able to help her rake and clean up her yard and teach her the Restoration.  She said that it made a lot of sense to her. She didn’t accept a return appointment but she did commit to pray about the Book of Mormon and said she would call us after.

She never called us but about a week later we just stopped by and set up an appointment. We taught her and her sister (that she had invited to join us) the Plan of Salvation. It was really neat because she told us after we taught that this was the plan she had had in her head for her and her family for a long time. She also told us that the first day we came and knocked on her door she was really scared and wasn’t going to open the door but then she heard a voice say “Just open the door and listen to what they have to say.”

We’ve seen her two or three times a week since and she is going to get baptized on Saturday, even though most of her family is against it. She often tells us that she already found God and then God found the Mormons for her.

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