Grandma Hearne Baptized at Age 94!

The Scottsdale Mission Assistants have been teaching a wonderful nonagenarian – so full of life and an inspiration to her extended family.  She is referred to by the missionaries as simply “Grandma Hearne.”

Here is their description of a recent lesson with Grandma Hearne:

“We are also still teaching Grandma Hearne. She is the 94 year old lady. She is doing great! She is still a sharp cookie, and she believes that the Book of Mormon is true. I asked if she believed that Joseph Smith is a prophet and she was still a little hesitant about that. We asked her if she had asked God to know if he was a prophet and her response showed how close she is to the Spirit. She said, “I didn’t ask him directly yet. I just asked him why it has taken me so long to hear the message that you are sharing with me. He told me that all happens in his time. His time is eternal, and ours is not.” Imagine hearing that in a slow 94 year old lady voice. It was super cool. As we finished teaching the Plan of Salvation she said to herself how grateful she was that God has a plan for everything to help us return to live with him. We invited her to be baptized but she isn’t going to accept the invitation until she receives her answer. I have a feeling she’s going to get one pretty soon.”

Grandma Hearne was baptized last Saturday – this is her picture just after the baptismal service.

While she can’t become a full-time missionary at age 94, she CAN be a member-missionary.  Her family is setting up her profile on facebook to share the story of her conversion.

!Grandma Hearne

2 thoughts on “Grandma Hearne Baptized at Age 94!

  1. It was a wonderful and beautiful day!!! Thank you elders for being so gentle, kind and tender with Grandma. So many miracles have happened within our family and this has to be the sweetest. Thank you again!

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