Missionary Wisdom – Sister Landry – Miracles Happen!

Sister Landry

On 4th of July, we went to a neighborhood parade, we handed out fliers I made about God blessing our country and a link to the video (becauseofhim).  We also gave out candy. Nobody wanted to talk though. We also drove to an event at a resort, but it turned out to be a club member thing so we couldn’t go in.  Then we approached people outside stores, and they either ignored our friendly approach, or asked us to go away. I got a little choked up and crying inside.  I was hot, thirsty, and wanted to go home, but then I prayed for strength and guidance in a new approach. We went home and got lunch and studied Preach My Gospel, and tried to figure out what we were doing wrong. We decided to approach differently and share our testimonies at the beginning. We prayed for a miracle.

We decided to go to old downtown Scottsdale and talk to the people working on the holiday. There were no tourists so people were bored and ready to talk. The first person we talked to was 20 year old Zack.  We found out he was baptized in the church, but his family left.  He showed interest but agreed to meet with us.

Next we approached a man playing with his dog. He turned out to be an injured minor league baseball player. He listened to us, right when we were talking about prophets, another young man approached with a dog, it was a distraction at first but then he shared with us that he had just returned from Salt Lake and toured the visitor center with the missionaries. He explained that he liked how we had modern day prophets and asked to learn more, because of him, we also got the other mans number.

Next, we walked to one of the stores to check on one of our potential investigators.  When we were talking to her, an older Lebanese man approached us asking if we were Jehovah witnesses.  He started talking and asked if we would teach him more.  We sat with him outside his shop and taught the whole restoration. Halfway through he said that he believed everything we are saying and asked how much money our Book of Mormon cost. We said it was free and he was sooo happy.  He asked where he can go to church and when he can see us again.  We are hopefully meeting him again Tuesday.   It was truly a miracle!


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