Missionary Wisdom – Sister Freeman Delivers!

Sister Freeman is maybe 5 foot 2 – and maybe a smidgen over 100 pounds.  But tough!  With that picture in mind, here is Sister Freeman’s companion, Sister Lakin’s description of what happened on a recent visit to a dollar store:

“Funny experience/joke of the week of course goes to Sister Freeman. We were at the 99cent store buying something and so we’re checking out and there’s a classic, big, tattooed, bearded biker guy behind us and he says, “You guys be careful out there. You’re on bikes right?” and we say, “Yeah” “Yeah be careful out there.” and Sister Freeman says, “We’ll be okay, we’re a lot scarier than you.” And he laughs and she says, “No, really! You should see how fast people run away when they see us coming.” That one got everyone laughing. It was so funny! She has such great people skills and is always just happy and funny. I love it!”


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