Bishop Allen – Paradise Foothills YSA Ward ♥♥ Elders Blanchard, Hawes and Sisters Crowther, Garrett!

Dear President Sweeney,

I just wanted to tell you something that I’m sure you already know.  Sister Crowther, Sister Garrett, Elder Blanchard, and Elder Hawes are AMAZINGLY AWESOME MISSIONARIES!  My counselor has been trying to get his neighbor’s 3 sons to come to FHE for the past year and a half.  The Sisters met the 3 sons for the first time at my counselor’s home and invited them to FHE.  All 3 showed up this last Monday night!  Also the Sisters are always asking me, “Who is not here or who would you like us to go see?  We will go visit them!”   Whenever I call the Sisters for help they are so anxious to serve!  They bring such a sweet spirit of Christ like love with them whenever they walk into our building.

I have called the Elders up more than once to help someone in need.  Each time this was their response with enthusiasm, “Absolutely, thank you so much for asking us.”  They then immediately go and take care of whatever I asked them to help with.  The last time was in the evening when they could have been heading home, yet they answered the same way with the same enthusiasm.  The Sisters are the same way.

These missionaries work tirelessly to bless as many people in our ward boundaries as possible.  Each time any one of the four shares their testimony with us you can feel the spirit and their love so strongly.  We have been told that our ward feels like a family and our 4 missionaries are a big part of why people feel that way.  I think of how blessed we are to have 4 incredible missionaries in our ward at the same time and as I was telling the sisters Monday night, “That is like the celestial kingdom for a bishop!”

Well, I really could go on and on about these missionaries but I know you are a very busy man.  Let me just say I love these missionaries and I feel so extremely blessed to have them in our ward.  Any chance you could leave them all in our ward until they complete their missions, I know, I have to share!J However, I did want you to know that we are grateful and feel blessed for every day you are inspired to leave them in our ward!!

Very sincerely with love and gratitude,

Bill Allen

Bishop of the Paradise Foothills YSA Ward

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