Elder and Sister Richardson’s Farewell Dinner at Mission Home

We are bidding farewell to 3 of our dearest MLS couples over the summer. The first to depart are Elder and Sister Richardson. They have been serving on the Pima-Maricopa Indian Reservation here is Scottsdale. We gathered all of our senior missionary couples in late May at the Mission Home for dinner on the patio (and if you look closely you can see the mister in operation in the background) and uplifting conversations as Elder and Sister Richardson shared mission experiences and some vignettes from their lives.

Prior to their mission, Elder Richardson served in the Church security group – and drove many of the General Authorities. In his quiet way, he shared with his fellow missionaries 2 stories that illustrate his character – and those of the Church’s leaders.

One day while driving President Monson, Elder Richardson slowed for a light that had turned yellow and stopped. President Monson, sitting in the back seat said to Elder Richardson (whose first name is Boyd), “Boyd, you could have made that light!” Elder Richardson responded that he was just being cautious. Nothing more was said, but the next day President Monson phoned Elder Richardson’s personal cell phone from Jerusalem and said these words “Boyd, I want to apologize. I shouldn’t have scolded you yesterday.”

The second story involves President Hinckley. One morning, Elder Richardson arrived to pick up President Hinckley from his personal residence. Wanting to make the entry as smooth as possible, Elder Richardson tried to swing the car around to face the road. In doing so, he accidentally ran off and over a small retaining wall. This left the car in a position straddling the retaining wall and unable to move. Just at that moment, President Hinckley came out and walked over to the car – with Elder Richardson now standing outside waiting for a tow truck. The only words President Hinckley said were still comforting: “I know how to keep a secret!”.

We love the Richardsons and will miss them dearly.

One thought on “Elder and Sister Richardson’s Farewell Dinner at Mission Home

  1. It’s so good to see a picture of Sister McConkie. She is so helpful to parents of incoming/new missionaries! We appreciate her so much!

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