Missionaries Arrive in Reserve/Luna New Mexico!


The hastening of the work continues! For several months, I’ve had this “feeling” about putting missionaries in New Mexico. The Eagar Stake has a thriving ward there – 7,000 feet up in the New Mexico highlands where there are more cattle than people. But, the people that live there are the salt of the earth! It’s beautiful country. But, it’s too out of the way for full time missionaries to have ever been assigned there. Still, the feeling persisted as if the Lord were saying to me what he said to Paul – “I have much people in this city (there).” (Acts 16:10)

And so it was earlier this month that we found a place and transferred 3 Sister missionaries to the Luna Ward. They are 5 hours by car from the mission home. Why 3? Because with 3 they can teach ANYONE ANYWHERE ANYTIME. And, in that area, it isn’t necessarily going to be convenient to get a chaperone. So, Sisters Christensen, Pass and Lee moved from Eagar a little over a week ago. Sister Sweeney and I decided to attend their first Sunday and get acquainted with the members there. It was a truly great day!

The Sisters got right to work. The first Saturday after they arrived, here is what Sister Christensen wrote about what they did:

“Then the HIGHLIGHT of our week and the talk of the town. We helped brand, castrate, and earmark about 100 baby cattle for some members in Luna. Sunday morning we slept in Cruzville but Sister Hulsey drove 45 minutes to pick us up at 6 am. Then after we finished, we had lunch and she drove us 45 minutes back home. The car ride home I got to talk with her and thank her for letting us come and help and get to know so many people. She then told me how much it meant to her and everyone else that we did what we did. The men who helped us were non members married to her active daughters. Also a less active in the ward. She said that it meant so much for all of them to see us missionaries not afraid to get dirty. She was so thankful to us. On Sunday 2 of the men ended up coming and we all sat together. It was a miracle. All from our wonderful morning of torturing baby cows đŸ˜¦ haha.”

Sister Pass said, “This week we gained tons of member trust! We branded cows and I did the whole works! Flanking, cutting off ears, castrating, and branding. Ok, so maybe that was a little more than you wanted to know…haha. But it was FUN! There were some nonmembers and less actives there helping and the wife told us that we really gained their trust by showing them that we can get dirty. The next day at church, two of the nonmembers showed up. It was great. 

We have also been doing a lot of practice lessons/pamphlet lessons with the members. A member’s comment yesterday after doing a practice with her and her husband was: “Now I know you are REAL missionaries.” President, we now have 20 referrals in our referral pool. They are giving them to us like crazy! “

Love those Sisters! Love the Work!

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