Golfing With the Assistants

Golfing witht the assistants

Scottsdale. The very word brings up scenes of immaculate greens with desert beauty around every bend. Despite bringing golf clubs, we were almost to our year mark when a particularly talented Assistant, Elder Corbridge, committed me to a date to play – a late May Preparation Day, tee time 9:30 am. True, it would be warm, but anyone can last 9 holes in a best ball format (scramble). Two of our Spanish Elders who also play, Elder Mecham and Elder Sessions, joined with us for a five-some.

Because my game is pretty inconsistent (some would just say “bad”), we matched the Spanish Elders and me versus the Assistants. It was nip and tuck throughout the day (although missionaries are not supposed to keep score, I can). In the end, the Assistants won. But, the better experiences was having fun with my missionaries! Here we are just finishing the round. L to R – Elders Corbridge, Mecham, Wilson, Pres. Sweeney and Sessions.

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