Temple Trips June 2014!

What a blessing it is to have two beautiful temples in our mission! The missionaries always look forward to the opportunity to go to this sacred house of the Lord to receive the peace, strength, and revelation necessary to do bring more souls to our Father in Heaven. Due to the number of missionaries in the mission, there were three different temple sessions to accommodate them all. Two for the missionaries in the valley and one for those who are serving in the mountains. Do you see the joy on their faces?

As we prepared to leave the Snowflake Temple, one of the sweet older Temple Workers stopped me and said “Are you the one who brought all these missionaries?” I responded, “Yes”. To which she said, “Tell them the Lord loves them. I felt the Spirit so strongly as they came into the endowment room.” I assured her I would.

During these temple sessions, Sister Sweeney and I had the Elders and Sisters do 22 names of our ancestors. Elder Wood, one of our Spanish missionaries brought 90 names sent by his Mom and his fellow missionaries did those names. Many other missionaries had cleared a name and done the baptism and initiatory work and were able to do the endowment of an ancestor the day of their temple excursion. The rising generation is leading the way!

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