Bike problems? Not anymore!

New Mission Vehicles

Which one do you pick?

Mission Vehicles

Elder Williams, our mission “car czar”, works hard to make sure all of the missionaries are mobile. That’s not an easy task! In the past 3 weeks alone we’ve had 4 auto accidents – with only 2 being missionary caused. Elder Williams makes sure all the cars are working and clean so the missionaries can focus on their divine commission to share the gospel. He also helps everyone make sure their bikes are in tip-top shape. With all the flat tires and brake problems, wouldn’t it be so much easier to give all of them motorcycles?

The other day, on a Saturday, the mission office peacefulness was interrupted by an unexpected rumble. It was the distinct sound of a Harley-class motorcycle. Turns out the Father of one of our missionaries, Sister Call, came by to drop off a package – and he had ridden all the way from Utah to do so. We asked him to let us take a few pictures to show his Sister Call that indeed her Father had been in the area.

Tempting as it is to anticipate missionaries on motorcycles attracting a lot of attention as they zipped around handing out copies of the Book of Mormon, there might be a slight problem with having them stay in sight of their companions!

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