The Miracle of the Gospel – Over Time. Wisdom From Sister Chase.

What a week!!! The highlight of my week…SUNDAY!!! 😀 Church was amazing. As I sat in gospel principles I looked around and saw such a diverse group of people. The teacher, our ward mission leader, a convert who never looked back. Behind me, a man converted in his teenage years and looked down upon because of it, yet now has an eternal family. Another woman behind me born in the church and left for a bit…But the beauty of it? She found her way back. A couple, converted and baptized together, forever changing the lives of their children as they witnessed their parents baptism at such a tender young age. The 1st councilor of the bishopric with his wife sat to my left, having stayed strong all his life and completed a successful mission in Brazil. A man next to my companion in tattered clothes. A man who had joined years ago, yet stopped coming for who knows what reason? This man walked into sacrament meeting and told us that he meant to go to the church next door, yet he saw the “mormon steeple” and instantly felt welcomed from afar. Bound and determined to stay for all the services, this man followed us closely which brings me back to the class I was sitting in. Once again taking a look at all those sons and daughters of god. The light that was in each eye is proof of the truthfulness of this gospel. It affects the lives of all no matter your circumstances…as long as you try, put forth the effort to learn and grow closer to Him…like coming to church, (active, inactive, or converted) you will find something just for you. This gospel is beautiful, this gospel is personal…this gospel is TRUE!!!!

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